Electronic key system in Port Macquarie

Includes supply and installation of security products to:

  • Houses / Residential Property
  • Shops / Commercial Premises
  • Business Premises
  • Factories
  • Buildings and Gates
  • Security Containers (Safes)

This specialised service aims to introduce the newest technology on the market which will complement the latest trends in innovative design while still giving the customer value for money.

Brief overview of supplies

  • Electronics
  • Access control
  • Wireless entry
  • Blue tooth locks and accessories
  • Electronic locks & switches
  • Digital locks
  • Touch display screen technology
  • Multiple user e.g. from 1-150+ combinations)
  • Biometric finger and thumb
  • read security
  • Infra red technology
  • Voice security
  • Retina display technology
  • Fire security and weather protection
  • Thermal imaging
  • P.I.R. Sensor technology
  • CCTV cameras and video surveillance
  • Universal and High grade Mechanical locks or key entry incorporated into electronics
  • Restricted systems and key designs
  • Quality repairs and upgrades to all locks with free advice


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